Reflections of a Dom#4: Establishing routines [Special Edition]

Talk-Like-A-Pirate-Day-September-19-ImageAhoy, mateys! Today is a special day. September 19 is recognized as “Talk Like a Pirate Day”! So, come on, grab your grog, and get ready because it is all hands on deck! Cap’n is going to tell ye a secret of mine. It’s something that I, and me precious First mate, and Wee Lass (My Little girl, for all ye land lubbers! :D), Kitten Kaboodle do, that help in our relationship.

Ya see, Kitten had discussed in detail how important it is to establish routine as a Wee Lass.  But I wanted to touch on how important it is for a Cap’n like me as well. We all have things we do in our day to day lives that is part of our routine. Be it, scrubbing the deck first thing in the mornin’ or hopping in the shower to get ready for work. Or preparing yummy grub for yer shipmates or a delicious poached egg on toast for your Wee Lass. We all have that something we do that gives us comfort and structure in our day.

Now ye might be thinking, how do the routines help? Now now, before ye force me to walk the plank, let me tell you.

Ya see, a day in the life of a sea Cap’n can be stressful, rival pirates be roamin’ or the Royal Navy could be huntin’ us down. But that is my role, I am the bread winner. Kitten and I have a rapport at home, I bring in the booty for the day and Kitten helps wash off the stress of the day.  My Wee Lass and I, we practice give and take. It’s a song and dance that has helped us for years. Because of our routine, it gives her security knowing that I will be coming home straight to her after work. No fooling around or taking detours in dangerous waters. She knows that she is my priority, that I will get back to her as soon as I can. And I will not waver in my mission.

She knows that I will focus and love on her after she has painstakingly cared for me ship and our child all day. My actions lets her feel appreciated and loved for all that she does. Similarly, for me, seeing her eyes light up as I walk in the door and given a big hug and sweet kiss, makes me feel that all the hard work I did for the day worth it.

istockphoto-654498910-612x612One of me favorite routines we do is our night time routine. At night, it’s my job to tuck in me Wee Lass. I get her ready by both of us hopping in the shower and washing her body down thoroughly, using me hands and body. I love feeling the sliding of her silky smooth skin against mine, my cocoa skin pressed against her milky complexion sends shivers down me nethers. And afterwards, we get her dressed in her pajamas and then it’s time for bedtime. Once she’s nestled comfortably in the hammock, I place a heating pad on her chest to make sure she’s warm all night. Then I pull up the covers up to her chin and then we start our evenin’ prayers. Lastly, I rock her to sleep by swayin’ the hammock – it replicates the swayin’ of our ship and allows her to sleep peacefully. (You can read about her thoughts HERE)

A proper night time routine, when done right, allows me and me Wee Lass  to have closure to the day. It sets us in the right mindset that we ended the day with so much love and she knows that I care about her deeply to make sure she gets proper sleep. It gives her body a chance to let go of stress and know that she’s under me protection. She knows her Cap’n will never let anything bad happen to her and the crew. Our routine is established in love, intimacy and security.

However, remember that it’s a good idea to have balance in all things. Too much routine, and ye risk having a bloody mutiny in yer hands. So remember to mix it up! Take yer Wee Lass on to the library (I hear the one in Alexandria is ripe for the pickins’!), or bring her favorite treats right on home! She’s workin’ hard as my first mate, keeping our ship in order,  educating our young tyke, and writing the chronicles for ye all. She deserves a break! Show her that you’re dependable and consistent like an anchor for her in the storm. But also show that you are the mainsail who can take her on adventures untold!

That’s all for now, mateys! May your sails stay true and fair winds to you all!

sea landscape water ocean

Much love,

Captain Taliron Quinn





Reflections of a Dom #3: The best decision I’ve ever made. [Thoughts]

Ahoy, my friends! Today, I am thankful. The past week has been quite busy for Kitten and I. She had oral surgery on Wednesday and for the past couple of days, I’ve been focused on getting her settled in and helping her recover. One benefit of being her Daddy Dom, is that when the recovery nurse spoke to me about her after care, most of the things she reminded me to do, I’m already doing for Kitten. “She’ll probably need help eating, you know, cutting her food into tiny pieces so she doesn’t have to bite or chew as hard.” And I thought So, just the usual as I smiled at Kitten and winked at her knowing she was thinking the same thing. I’ve been giving her the medicine her doctor prescribed and fixing her up her food and drink in order for her to speed up her recovery.

Going back to me being thankful, you might be wondering exactly what I am thankful for. I’m thankful that Kitten has the resilience of a cat, for one. 😉 Her gum wound is all but healed and stopped bleeding. The biggest challenge really has been helping her through the soreness (which has persisted for several days now) and mental stress of being out of commission. I’ve lifted up her spirits by snuggling close with her and watching movies with my sweet girl <3. I made her bust out laughing once when I jested that even though her mouth was out of commission, that just means we get to focus on her other holes more. I knew she was feeling better when she playfully smacked me laughing.

In the middle of all of that, we’re still settling in to our new place. Things aren’t quite where we want them to be for the long haul. Thankfully, our clothes are hung up and folded neatly finally and only took an all-nighter to pull that off on my end! Today, Kitten finally decided to really nest. We reconfigured our living space and I think we finally found one that was a great combination of ample space and functionality. And of course, one VERY important detail. Kitten insisted that my desk is right beside the couch so we are within touching distance at all times when we are working. Same in the bedroom, our hammocks are practically side by side that we’re like two peas in a pod.

Which brings me to my reflection topic. Touch and intimacy have always been a major part of Kitten and I’s relationship. Ever since the beginning, we looked at each other as I asked her. “What are the things important to you in a relationship?” She smiled at me as I took her hand in mine “That” she said. I cocked my head as I smiled at her asking her to clarify. “Touch and intimacy.” she whispered. I beamed at her as I nodded Me too I told her. There are of course, other things that are equally important to us as a couple, but those two are definitely up there.

In fact years ago, when we were living apart in the beginning of our relationship, Kitten and I would drive 5-6 hours one way just to see each other constantly. We didn’t care if it was hard. We had to see each other, hold each other in each other’s arms, and kiss. From the beginning we’ve been so bonded and swore to each other that before long, we were going to be together no matter what. At one time, Kitten drove 15 hours straight (!!!) just because she couldn’t stand being away from me. And so when the time came to move in with Kitten, I left my old job, my old place and proximity to friends and family behind. It was not an easy decision, but like we always told each other – Nothing worth it ever comes easy. It was scary, like leaping off a cliff. But I knew she was worth it. I trusted my gut, and to this day it was the best decision I’ve ever made.

Fast forward to a few days ago, Kitten and I were snuggled up. In our journey of reconnecting with each other, I’ve been giving sub training to Kitten daily. One of the things we had agreed upon was that we will really begin to explore kinks with each other. As I was giving fluttery kisses upon her neck, Kitten smirked at me in the special way that she does. As I read her body language, I could tell she was feeling playful and in the mood. She glanced up at me as she whispered “Daddy, can we try impact play tonight?” I smirked at her and nodded. It was something we’ve never tried together and that I’ve learned she’s really into.

So, I gently laid her down on her belly and began our play session. One, two, three, four…at some point we both lost count. Smacking my hand against her behind, I felt the warmth tingle and sting, and with every surge I felt her body quiver with pain and pleasure matched with her moans. We tried the crop too, but in true fashion with our relationship, we found that we preferred my hand – because we could touch in that brief second of impact and made our connection deeper. As our play progressed and she neared her limit, she moaned out her safe word and immediately I shifted into after care. Gently loving on her warm flesh, soothing it and letting her feel the rush of relief. But Kitten and I weren’t done. I began to give Kitten the release that she’s been begging to have. As I felt her walls around me begin to tighten, I knew she was getting close. It is an amazing feeling to feel her gush her climax on me at the same time that I reached mine inside her. I’m quite sure the neighbors got quite the earful that night 😉snuggling

After making sure she was re-hydrated, I cradled her close to my chest and kissed the top of her head. I beamed as I felt her breathing slow down nearing sleep. She smacked her lips, and kneaded my chest with her fingers and muttered “Nani…”. I am reminded of that time so many years ago of the best decision I’ve made.

Until next time, my friends. Have a wonderful day and fair winds to you all.


Much love,

Captain Taliron Quinn